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For many years, Enigma IT Solutions has developed and operated a number of highly accurate time network clocks. Our latest project is based around the Raspberry Pi, a low-cost single board computer. But don’t let the size (or price) fool …

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Please note that our time server,, is currently offline due to an upgrade. More details to follow. Whilst this is occurring, requests to that server will be redirected to so you should not need to update your configurations. …

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A number of people have reported that candidates in the forthcoming Federal Election are enclosing postal vote applications in mail outs to households. This is perfectly legal, and is a great help to some people, I’m sure – but as …

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Most websites use the http (which stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol) system when you communicate with them. And it works well, with the drawback that all the information to and from your computer flows in clear text – anybody can …

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In the news today, it was announced that Commonwealth Bank is launching an app to allow you to do your banking within Facebook. I haven’t seen the app myself but, on the face of it, my advice is No. N. …

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Microsoft have released a new version of their Office suite – Office 2013. However, before you look in to whether to buy it, it’s worth looking at some of the new licence conditions. Chief amongst one of them is the …

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When I’m providing quotes for servers and systems, I’m often asked why the disks are so expensive. This is frequently accompanied by a statement that they can go down to the local department store and by a multi-terabyte disk for …

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Enigma IT Solutions is proud to support the CERES Community Environment Park. The park is situated in the north of Melbourne, and aims to educate the community in sustainable living. In addition, there’s also a farmer’s market on site and …

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Quick update: My far-more-fashionable-than-I friends over on the ABCs of Style blog are having a discussion about laptop bags. Drop over, introduce yourself, and have your say!

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Recently, a number of high profile organisations (such as LinkedIn, eHarmony,, Formspring and others) have reported that their username and password lists have been leaked online. Aside from the normal security risks this has, it also underscores the risks …

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