DigiNotar Digital Certificate security risk

In breaking news, it has been reported that a Dutch digital certificate company, DigiNotar, has had a security breach. This affects all users on the internet, since the stolen certificate can be used to impersonate other websites, including email and internet banking. It is already known that an Iranian-based hacker has used it to impersonate Google, potentially gaining access to email, Google+ and other such services.

Enigma IT Solutions recommends that all users take steps to protect themselves. If you are using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, make sure you update to the latest version as soon as possible.

If you are running Microsoft Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu, choose Options then under the Content tab click Certificates. In the box that appears, choose the “Trusted Root Certification Authorities” tab, then scroll down to the entries for DigiNotar. For each one (there will likely be two), select it and click Remove.

Please contact Enigma IT Solutions if you need any assitance with this.